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The Fun Mouse: Varieties Introduction: Tan & Fox

* Click pictures to see them larger.


Chocolate TanLab name: Black and Tan
Fancier name: Tan
Genotype: at/*
Chromosome: 2
Originated: Spontaneous mutation (first found in English fancy stock)
Show class: Tan
General description: Tan have a dark golden-red tan on the underside. Tan should have a distinct line where the top color meets the bottom (tan) color. The line should run as straight as possible down its sides, chest, and jaw. Tan hairs behind ears or straying up from the mouses underside is a fault in show standards. Tans can be shown in any color with eyes to match.

Pictured: Chocolate Tan

Click here to see an illustration of this variety.

FoxFancier name: Fox
Genotype: Fox can be made in a number of ways. It can also be combined with most colors and patterns. Here is a basic highlight (starting point) of these. Note that there will always be more than I can possibly outline here.
Agouti Fox: Aw/* (often referred to as White Bellied agouti)
Black fox: at/* cch/cch (this is the only way to make black fox)
You can also use most combinations of c-dilutes, such as:
Mock chocolate fox: at/a cch/ce
Burmese fox: at/a cch/ch
Light Mock chocolate fox: at/a cch/c
Mock Chocolate fox: at/a ce/ch
at/a ce/c (BEW/Bone fox) and at/a ch/c (Himalayan fox) are often hard to see as these c-dilutes have a very strong effect on coat color, making it almost impossible to see the difference between top color and fox line.
Show class: Fox
General description: Fox is similar to Tan, except the tan belly is white in color. A creamy belly is not desirable.

Fox can also come in most other colors and patterns, noting that shades will very depending on what c-dilutes you use.

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