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The Fun Mouse: Varieties Introduction

Different countries call different varieties different names. This can be very confusing to a new fancier. For instance, what the US calls Lilac the UK calls Dove. This is only one of many possible examples. I go by US standards (being that I'm from the US). In addition, different mouse clubs in the same country sometimes also call types by different names. For instance, the AFRMA calls their standardized curly mouse "Frizzie" while the MMC calls it Rex. When ever possible, I go by genetics standards that US labs go by. I feel that going by scientific standards will help make things less confusing and far more accurate. Within these pages I have tried to compile the most common names fanciers, clubs, and labs use to help lesson confusion.

When viewing the pages herein, keep in mind that variety is not the same thing as genotype. A variety is a descriptive term, mainly used for showing. There are many genotypes that can make the same variety. There are also *many* variations of each color, even those that are the same general genotype. Some are very light versions of their color, and others are very dark. Some marked mice may have more markings while others have minimal markings, yet they are the same marking genetically and they fall under the same variety. Just because a mouse doesn't have the ideal marking, it doesn't mean that they don't fit in the same class. For instance, if you have a broken marked mouse with 75% white instead of the 50% desired, your mouse would still fall under Broken Marked if it fit the general pattern. *Always refer to your local moue club for standards of perfection as they will vary from club to club.

All pictures herein are copyright The Fun Mouse unless otherwise specified. Images may not be reproduced without written permission.

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