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The Fun Mouse: Varieties Introduction: AOC ~ Any Other Color

* Click pictures to see them larger.


AgoutiLab name: Agouti (often referred to as "Wild type")
Fancier name: AgoutiAgouti Close Up
Genotype: A/*
Chromosome: 2
Originated: wild.
Show class: Agouti
General description: Thecoat is golden tan with a slate blue under color. The top of the mouse tends to be much darker than the sides and belly. Eye color is dark.

Pictured: Agouti (click picture for larger view)

CinnamonFancier name: Cinnamon
Genotype: A/* b/b
Show class: Cinnamon
General description: Similar to the agouti but with more chocolate coloring. The black in an agouti is replaced with Chocolate on a cinnamon mouse. Dark eyes.

Pictured: Cinnamon (click pictures for larger view)

Blue AgoutiFancier name: Blue Agouti (among many other names)
Genotype: A/* d/d
Show class: Blue Agouti
General description: Coat is blue and Agouti with dark eyes. Base of hairs are dark blue, the middle of the hair is blue, and the tips are a white color.

*Blue agouti's can range in color and take very selective breeding to eliminate brown tones. Sometimes the agouti in the coat shows through more than the blue, making a blue agouti look very similar to Dove (US Dove). Blue Agouti

Pictured: Blue Agouti (click top image for larger view)

Silver ArgenteFancier name: Silver Argenté (among many other names)
Genotype: A/* d/d p/p
Show class: Silver Argenté is not recognized at this time.
General description: Each hair should have bands of: slate blue undercoat, silver middle, and white tips.

*Silver Argenté's can range in color and take very selective breeding to eliminate brown tones. Silver Argente

ArgenteFancier name: Argenté
Genotype: A/* p/p
Show class: Argenté
General description: Yellow in color with a lilac under color. Pink eyes. As fuzzies these babies can easily be mistaken for other yellow color varieties as the lilac under color doesn't come in until the fur grows longer.Argente

ChinchillaLab name: Chinchilla
Fancier name: Chinchilla
Genotype: A/* cch/cch
Chromosome: cch Chinchilla is on chromosome 7.
Originated: cch Chinchilla was originally from non-commercial fancier stock (point mutation)
Show class: Chinchilla
General description: Each hair should have a blue base, gray middle, and black tips. Belly to be fox. Dark eyes.

Note: Some clubs only allow chinchilla to be shown if the mouse is Fox A/at, not just homozygous chinchilla. ChinchillaThe genetics information above is only based on the Chinchilla allele cch/cch as specified. Refer to agouti and tan (chinchilla dilutes tan to "fox") for genetics information on those.

SilveredLab name: (non-agouti) Silver
Fancier name: Silvered
Genotype: a/a si/si
Chromosome: The Silver gene is located on chromosome 10
Originated: Spontaneous mutation originally found in English fancier stock.
Show class: Silvered
General description: Coat has hairs consisting of; all white (completely lacking pigmentation), full colored (such as black), colored hairs with white tips, and hairs with several white and colored bands (some colored bands diluted in color). Well bred Silvered mice will have pure silver hairs (no color from base to tip) spread thick and evenly throughout the coat. Colored hairs should hold rich color through the individual hair. Silvered mice can come in any color. However, some clubs only recognize some colors and the interaction with other markings can be undesirable. Males often show more silvering than females. Silvered is not to be confused with roan or chinchilla, although they can look very similar.

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