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October 19th 2011
  • As many of you know, the owner of TFM recently had a baby. We love spending every possible moment with our new bundle of joy. In doing so, however, it has meant that some things must be placed aside because this new precious being is far more important. In that, we have decided that we must discontinue the Breeders Listings and the Webring as we are no longer able to keep it current. I know this is a disappointment to you. It is to us too. But I'm also sure you all understand.
October 13th 2011
  • Halloween Devil ThemeWe just added a new Halloween Devil theme layout for your viewing pleasure.

    Halloween is our favorite holiday here at TFM. It is a day of remembering and celebrating those that are no longer with us (all living things included). We celebrate their life and their memory.

    TFM has 2 Halloween themes now. One has Camilla (TFM's logo mouse) dressed as a ghost and in a pumpkin, while the other theme is Camilla dressed as a Devil (the newest theme).

    To change your theme on the site use the drop down menu at the top of the page.
July 10th 2011
  • We finally updated the Downloads page of the site to include all the "Mouse" Cursor-Pointers! All these cursors can be found on our sponsor site, We've just compiled the mouse-only ones on a single page for your easy access.
    * Note that The Fun Mouse also made and owns Totally Free Cursors, therefore we can assure you that it is a safe site (G-rated) with completely safe downloads (no spyware/viruses like other cursor sites). Revenue from that site pays for this site and the Mousery Database! Without the Mousery Database (which The Fun Mouse also made and owns) would NOT be free!! So go there and check it out!
July 4th 2011
  • Hippie ThemeWe just added a new Hippie theme layout for your viewing pleasure. We warn you, however... you have to be a certain kind of groovy to like it ;). To change your theme on the site use the drop down menu at the top of the page.
May 25th 2011
  • We just added a new article to the Mouse Information section of the site: The Importance of Pedigrees, an Adopters reference. Many people that seek pet-only mice don't think a pedigree is important. However, a pedigree is incredibly important for both breeders and pet-only caregivers! We encourage all pet adopters to read over this article.
April 10th 2011
  • Every once in a while we go through different parts of the site (seemingly at random) making updates. Today we worked a little on the varieties page, mainly updating and cleaning up some images. It's far from done, but progress has been made. We generally don't announce these types of updates here, but we wanted to give a little shout out so you all know we're still here =D
March 20th 2011
  • We have changed the site layout a little. We have removed the News feed (due to lack of time to maintain) and moved the Search feature into the News feed spot.

    As always, you can choose different site themes via the drop down menu at the top of the page or via the Layout Selector page.
January 4th 2011
  • In honor of the New Year, we have done some cleaning. Our External Links page has been updated, cleaned, and any broken links have been discarded. If you haven't visited that page, there are some really great sites linked to in there that you might want to check out :)
January 1st 2011
  • Happy New Year!

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