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December 4th 2007
  • The Adoption page has been updated. I have also taken down the Available mice page. I haven't used it in a *very* long time anyway. I keep most of the babies born in my mousery.

  • I am no longer taking new Breeders Listing submissions. A new system is being built to take the place of this! This system will insure the absolute most up to date breeders listings possible. It will be very user friendly as well! You will be impressed, I promise. Please have patience until the new system is released. I will update this page and the Breeders Listing page upon its release.
November 7th 2007
  • Mouse Varieties: A picture of a Colored Rump was added!
October 11th 2007
  • Mouse Information: An extensive section on Mouse Quarantine was added.
October 4th 2007
  • Mouse Information: A section on Mouse Waltzing/Circling has been added as well as a Breeding Ethics page.
September 29th 2007
  • Awards: MMC Fall 2007 Show results added.
September 26th 2007
  • The Varieties pages have been revamped!
August 7th 2007
  • New "in house" mice added. Does: Finders Keepers, Silver Lining, Cookie Dough, Eye Candy, Clever Trick (Trixie), and Dream Come True. Bucks: Eclipse and Spot On. All can be found on either the Does or Bucks pages.
August 6th 2007
  • A Mouse Emergency Kit page has been added to the Mouse Info section of the site.
July 25th 2007
  • TriColor Section Launched!

  • Genetics Section Launched!
June 26th 2007
  • The News Ticker was updated!
    MMC Fall Show!
    Date: 09/22/07
    Place: Bloomington, IN.
    The Fun Mouse will be there!
June 20th 2007
  • TFM has a slightly new look!
May 26th 2007
  • About TFM: I have updated pictures and descriptions of my mousery in the "A glimpse inside my mousery" section.
May 20th 2007
  • About TFM: A new section was added to About The Fun Mouse: Mousery Environment and Care.

  • I've been slacking on updating this list. Since the last update, I've added 2 mice to my mousery. Both X-Brindle does, Bea and Bambi. The Random pictures on this page were also updated.
May 4th 2007
  • Adopters Area: The Adopters area of the site is fully launched. This section of the site is private and only for Fun Mouse adopters. For those of you that have already been there, it was updated :).
April 30th 2007
  • Mouse Graphics: Many mouse smilies and icons added!
April 27th 2007
  • About TFM: A new page was added to this section: What does it mean that your mousery is Semi-open?
April 26th 2007
  • All Mouse Cams are back online! Sorry for the delay. While the cam was offline, Tress had her babies. You can see them on Mouse Cam 3!
April 16th 2007
  • New pictures added! You can find almost all new pictures on either the Bucks or Does pages or directly in their database profile. Pictures added of: Wrinkle in Time, Tess, Blue Bird, Sully (2 pic's), Stitch, Ocean, Kirby (2 pic's), Yeti (2 pic's added because everyone loves The Yeti!), Tesora (not found on the does page as she's reserved), and Rain On Me (not found on does page because she's a nanny).
  • Games: Mouse Word Guess was added to the games section! This game is similar to Hangman. All words or phrases are mouse related and given at random. Guess letters to fill in the blanks. For every wrong letter guess, your mouse will lose a piece of cheese. Don't let him lose all of his cheese!
April 10th 2007
  • There have been a lot of changes over the last couple days. The planned litters and current litters pages are cleared out, to be removed completely in a couple weeks. In addition, my mailing list form (that was in the right hand menu) is now gone. This website isn't going anywhere and I will still breed occasionally. However, some things are very much changing in hopes to make a positive impact into the mouse world as a whole, by setting an example. I have written more about that on the current and planned litters pages.
April 4th 2007
  • Awards: See how TFM mice placed at the recent MMC show! Pictures and winnings listed!
March 29th 2007
  • New layout of The Fun Mouse launched!
March 19th 2007
  • Current litters: Bianca had her babies!
  • Past litters: The Rain-Kirby litter moved to the Past litters page. I still hope to get one more set of pictures for them tho.
March 15th 2007
  • Home page: Mouse of the Moment (at the top of this page) pictures updated to reflect only in house-breedable meece :)... other than one cute handful of mice picture :)
February 27th 2007
  • In House Pictures: Pictures added of Angel and Celia.
  • Varieties: New picture of a Sable added (you will have to scroll down to it, close to the bottom of the page).
February 26th 2007
  • Pictures: Several new pictures added of each of the following mice: Trey, Dumbo, Bettyddident and Shasta.
February 15th 2007
  • About The Fun Mouse: I revised My Breeding Program page to include the new things I have added since I last wrote the page. I have also tried to organize it for easier reading. I have also updated my Location of The Fun Mouse page to help potential adopters locate my mousery easier.
February 9th 2007
  • Varieties: I have added a extended pages for Angora and Long Hair.
February 8th 2007
  • Due to popular demand, I have added a Valentine's Day theme (instead of jumping right to St. Patrick's Day). It's quite "girly" but that's what v-day is right? :-p
February 6th 2007
  • Varieties: I have been working on extended varieties pages that will include more descriptions, genetics/inheritance, etc. I only have one extended page up at the moment (Satin). More will be added in time :).
January 14th 2007
  • Links: Many, many links added to the links page!
January 13th 2007
  • Mousie Cam 3: This has been turned back on. You can often see Illusion (mom) and sometimes she might give you a good view of her babies :)
January 10th 2007
  • You can catch a glimpse inside a mothers nest on Mousie cam 3.
January 7th 2007
  • About The Fun Mouse: I added a small section to show what I feed my mice.
  • Adoption: I have updated my: guarantee to you, Terms and Conditions, and Adoption Procedure. If you are adopting mice from me, you are required to understand and agree to everything on that page. This will help myself as well as you. It will help you determine if adopting from The Fun Mouse is right for you :).
January 6th 2007
  • Mousie Cam3: This cam has been set up to view inside Illusions' nest. She is confirmed pregnant and due at any time now.

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