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*In an effort to prevent broken links (thus causing issues with search engines), all links have been removed. This section is just a back log of updates. If you can't find what you are looking for, try the Search Engine located in the menu.

December 26th 2006
  • Mouse Varieties page: Many pictures were added. Some things were shifted around to make it easier to view. I'm still working on this page and adding more info to it as time allows :)
  • Layout: The Fun Mouse has a new Winter layout!
December 21st 2006
  • I have added a page of cute mouse pictures to the site. It is a collection of some of my favorite pic's that I've been lucky enough to get over the last year. Enjoy!
November 10th 2006
  • An article on treating lice infestations was added to the mouse info section. There is still more to come (such as the harm of oral treatment), but this article will explain how to treat for it in the best way possible.
October 14th 2006
  • The Mousery Database now launches to the public!
October 11th 2006
  • A article on Caring for Orphan mice was added to the info section.
October 10th 2006
  • Fun Mouse Ring is launched! This is a great ring to join and surf for great mouse sites all over the net!
September 25th 2006
  • A Mouse Graphics section has been added! This is a collection of graphics I've made as well as some royalty free ones (to be added soon). Enjoy!
September 24th 2006
  • The Fun Mouse has a new Halloween layout!
August 25th 2006 August 19th 2006
  • Updated pic of Mel so everyone can see what he looks like as an adult (rather then the old pic from when he was 4 weeks old).
August 11th 2006
  • Wheel evaluation added to the mouse info section. It covers most or every type of wheel with safety evaluations and pro's/con's. It is a great tool to help you pick the best wheel for your mouse!
August 10th 2006
  • Parts of the "About The Fun Mouse" section were updated.
  • New things added to the Mouse Info section such as: Housing mice with other animals such as rats. Handling Mice: The proper way to pick up a mouse & How to tame a mouse.
August 6th 2006
  • Articles were added to the About The Fun Mouse section about taking wonderful mouse photos
August 4th 2006
  • "How do I know my mouse is pregnant" article was added to the breeding mice info section of the site.
July 20th 2006
  • The sexing mice page has been updated to include the "nipple method"!
July 19th 2006
  • The mouse varieties page has been updated! By popular demand, pictures of colors have been added directly to the page rather than linked to. This makes for a large page but I think everyone will like it better. If you have a picture of a mouse variety that I don't have a pic for please contact me. Full credit for pic will be given to all submissions!
July 8th 2006
  • The Fun Mouse now has a Forum! Feel free to share mouse stories, ask questions about your mice or mine, list your mousery, seek mice in your area, etc there :).
    This forum was started because of overwhelming demand on my email box with people seeking advice about mice. I think this will be a wonderful tool that everyone can enjoy! All ages welcome!
July 6th 2006
  • All 3 mouse cams have been moved to view different mice!
June 20th 2006
  • More pictures of my mousery added to the About The Fun Mouse section (A glimpse inside the mousery!). Enjoy!
June 14th 2006
  • Major site update! The female and male sections have been completely redone! Now you can view mice by birth date or category (Texel, Fox, Broken, English, Satin, etc).
  • Pictures added of my new mice! There are over a dozen new mice in this site including but not limited to: Tri-color, Splashed, Amazing Angora, etc. Look thru the males and females section to find them!
June 7th 2006
  • 2 new movies of tame mice have been added to the mouse movies page!
    Planned litters have been updated to reflect the other 2 litters I have due soon.
June 5th 2006
  • Mouse cams are now STREAMING LIVE VIDEO FEED!! This is just like watching them on Live TV!
    The 3rd one is still broken but hopefully will be fixed some day *sigh*.
  • Pictures added of Rodent Fest held on May 13th 2006! Take a virtual tour here :)
May 18th 2006
  • We are in the process of moving right now so updates will be delayed, sorry. After we are settled in a little, I have many - many new mice to photograph and add to the buck's and doe's pages!! These include but not limited to Tri Color, Chinchilla, Splashed, Siamese, Himalayan, Texel, Angora, etc. It's all very exciting! Expect great breedings to come!
April 27th 2006
  • A Cage Calculator was added to the Mouse Info section. This is a helpful tool in showing you how many mice you can fit into your habitat(s).
April 24th 2006
  • Added Abbygail and Gabby to permanent females page.
April 21st 2006
  • Pictures updated for Dot, Yakko, and Wakko.
March 2006
  • The Fun Mouse Website Launches. Some content was carried over from the old site.

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