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TFM has no control over the content of external web sites therefore can not be held liable for their substance.

As with any site, there may be errors or even well-intended, though misguided, information presented on the sites below. It is up to you as the reader to do a lot of research for yourself and decide what you choose to believe is best for you and your mice. Listing of web sites here does not mean that TFM endorses or opposes them.

Links are listed in NO particular order.

If you come across a broken link, please contact us.

Featured Links
Mousery DatabaseMousery Database
FREE online program that helps you track your lines to the fullest extent.

Diseases of Laboratory RodentsDiseases of Laboratory Rodents
Covers a lot of medical concerns.

Biology of the Laboratory MouseBiology of the Laboratory Mouse by the staff of Jackson laboratory.
This is an online book which covers about everything you can think of.

Merck Vet ManualMerck Vet Manual
Online vet manual

Mouse DiseasesMouse Diseases
Great site for leaning more about mouse diseases.
First aid to small animals.

Fancy Mice InfoFancy Mice info
Great over all care for fancy mice... especially those in the UK more than the US.

Mar Vista Animal Medical CenterMar Vista Animal Medical Center
Learn about medicine, side effects, how to give it to your animal and much more.

Caesarian rederivation in the mouseCaesarian rederivation in the mouse
WARNING Graphic site! This site performs a caesarian on a pregnant mouse.

Origins of Inbred MiceOrigins of Inbred Mice
Online book covering many things from health to genetics and more.

The Anatomy of the Laboratory MouseThe Anatomy of the Laboratory Mouse
Online book that includes illustrated drawings and labels of mouse anatomy.

Pet Shop LawsBorn Free USA
The Current State of Pet Shop Laws

Mouse Clubs
The National Mouse Club.
Encourages the breeding and exhibiting of fancy mice.

London and Southern Countries Mouse and Rat Club.
A club for owners, breeders, and exhibitors of Fancy Mice and Rats.

American Fancy Rats and Mouse Association
Holds shows in CA.

Rodent ClubThe Rodent Club
Holds gatherings in MD and PA. No mouse shows.

RMCARat & Mouse Club of America
A pet club. No shows or events with animals but does have member meetings.

If you would like to see a club added to this listing, please contact TFM via the Mousery Menu (Contact TFM link). Please, only serious clubs (iow, no fly by night clubs).
While TFM has the right to refuse any submission, we love supporting promoting all serious clubs who support mice as pets.

Mouse Varieties & Genetics
Mouse Genome InformaticsMouse Genome Informatics
This is more for the advanced genetics fancier.

The Coat Colors of MiceThe Coat Colors of Mice by Willys K. Silvers
A Model for Mammalian Gene Action and Interaction.
Online book that discusses many different things about genetics.

Mouse GeneticsMouse Genetics by Lee M. Silver
Online book that discusses many different things about genetics.
Everything from the origin of the mouse to mutations.

Varieties of Fancy Mice UKVarieties of Fancy Mice UK
Pictures and descriptions of fancy mice.

Finnmouse Breeding Information Finnmouse Breeding Information
Great for learning how to breed for what your goals are. Many pic's and descriptions.

AFRMA StandardsAFRMA Standards
Standards with many pic's for mice recognized at the American Rat and Mouse Association.

Mouse Products & Supplies
Mousery DatabaseMousery Database
FREE online program that helps you track your lines to the fullest extent.

You can order some mouse supplies, treats, toys, etc here. This is also the place to order Bio-Serv Fast-Trac wheels.

Pet Mountain Pet Mountain
Great place to order pet supplies for less $
Miscellaneous mouse supplies, including the Saucer Wheels by Ware.

House Mouse DesignsHouse Mouse Designs
Fun site with mouse e-cards, books, calendar, scrap booking, etc.

TFM recommends that you adopt a mouse from your local shelter.
For your convenience, try PetFinder:

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