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Please note that this section is written for mice in the US. Mice in other parts of the world can be very different than US mice. For instance, some mice in other parts of the world need more protein whereas mice in the US generally shouldn't go over 13%. Not all mice are the same, even if they are the same species. Different countries have had domestic mice longer than others, contributing to differences among the species as a whole. While all mice are created equal, mice in different parts of the world require different care. Even mice in the same country often require different care, depending on the line. The information herein is a starting point for general mouse care, focusing on mice in the US.




  • How to make a Box Shelf
    • Section explains, step by step with pictures, on how to make a second level to a habitat with a box.
  • How to make No Sew Fleece Cube
    • This sections shows how to make a Fleece Cube with step by step instructions and pictures. This is fun, easy, and economical! Additionally, fleece knotting is safer than sewn cubes as you are eliminating the thread!


  • Day by Day Baby Mouse Pictures
    • Includes daily pictures of mouse babies from a couple hours old until weaning age (4 weeks). Shows size development in comparison to a quarter.

Information provided on this website is of opinion, based on my experiences, the experiences of others whom I trust, as well as reading countless lab reports. None of this information is, in any way, a replacement of that of a qualified veterinarian. You should always consult a licensed professional when caring for any animal. Information on this site is presented "as is" and "at your own risk." I can't imagine that any of my information would hurt your animal but I have to include that part anyway.

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