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The Fun Mouse: Mouse Information: How to make a Box Shelf

*Note that adding a shelf does not increase the amount of mice you can put in a tank. It only increases the fun! Also make sure that your box is small enough to still allow adequate airflow to the bottom of the tank! Shelves consuming most of a tank will hinder airflow.

This is not a product advertisement for pampers but it is my box of choice for making a shelf for my 75 gallon mouse tank. You can use almost any size box you like. Modify these directions to fit your needs.

You will need one box, glue gun, and glue sticks. Glue is to be used sparingly.

Unaltered box. Dimensions of box PhotoShopped in.

1) Cut all flaps off the top of the box and keep them.

2) Cut all flaps in half the long way. This will make 4 long flaps and 4 shorter ones.

3) Take 2 of the 4 long flaps to use for the side retaining walls of the box. Put them over the sides of the box, where they will be mounted. Mark where to cut them to fit the sides. Cut where marked. Save the scrap for later.

4) You will use the 2 unaltered long flaps for the lengthwise retaining walls.Shown here are all 4 accurately cut retaining walls.

5) Glue retaining walls to all 4 sides of the box. Allow the retaining walls to stick up around 2 inches from the shelf floor.

6) Next you will make the corner pieces to secure the sides together, allowing the box sides to be stronger and able to hold bedding better. Take the scrap from the short retaining walls and cut each of the 2 pieces in half. Then fold each of these 4 pieces in half. Before folding, it helps to make a soft cut with a razor or knife no more than half way through the cardboard where you want to make your fold.

7) Glue each of the 4 corner pieces on the box as shown.

8) Next you can make stairs, allowing easy access to the shelf for the mice. Take a few of the remaining flaps and cut them in squares. I have chosen to use 5 stairs (top row of squares). The bottom 3 squares will be used as support (below).

9) Cut the supports in half, making triangles. You should have one triangle per square.

10) Glue one square to one triangle, as shown.

11) Glue the stairs onto the box as shown.

Completed box with retaining walls and steps.

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