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Mouse of the Moment.
Random pictures of our pet mice, gone but not forgotten.
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Chef Mousie


March 4th 2012
  • We have rewritten our Mouse Information section on Mouse Diet! This rewrite is much more comprehensive than the previous one and we believe your mice will benefit from it.

March 3rd 2012
  • In an effort to organize and simplify the site we shifted some things around today. First we organized the links in the left hand "Main Menu". Hopefully it will make the site flow better.

  • We also moved the Graphics section to the Downloads section of the site. As always, all the original downloads are still there, such as the Mouse Pedigree and Cursors/Pointers.

  • In the near future we also plan to add many more royalty free graphics to that section of the site!

  • We are also hard at work writing some Info pages of the site. Look forward to those in the future!

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