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The Fun Mouse: About Us: TFM is Semi-open to the public.

NOTE: We are NO longer breeding.

I run a semi open mousery. This means that everything about my mousery is public knowledge and everything is disclosed on this site somewhere. However, I do not allow admittance into my mousery. It saddens me that I can't allow people into my mousery. My mice are one of my pride and joys and I very much enjoy seeing people react to them. However, outside exposure is a huge risk to my mousery. People can easily and unintentionally bring things into my mousery that would prove detrimental to my mice, including any babies that might be in there at the time. My first concern is for their safety and well being. I can not risk exposure to outside threats such as parasites, viruses, etc. This could cause them great harm or even death. I am truly sorry that I can not allow people into my mousery, but I hope that everyone understands why I can not take the risk. With that said, there are measures I'm willing to take which will allow people to see inside my mousery. There is a window to my mousery that anyone can look into. I am willing to bring any mouse to the window for anyone to see. I am more than willing to take all the time needed to show anyone as many mice as they want to see. However, this will be behind a closed window to prevent any potential exposure to the mouse. I am also willing to give a virtual tour of my mousery. To do this, I will set up my lap top with video feed from one of my critter cams. I will then walk thru my mousery with the cam and show anyone anything they want to see. We will be able to communicate but we will not be in the same room. Since we will be able to communicate, you will be able to ask me to show you what ever you want to see. Additionally, I am open to any suggestions on how to make my mousery more open without risking my mice.

Other than not allowing people into my mousery physically, everything in my mousery or relating to my mousery (such as my views on different things, etc) is a complete open book. Every known COD (cause of death) is listed on this site for everyone to see. Every question I'm asked is answered with the most honesty and as detailed as possible. You name it and I'm completely open about it. I am known for writing very lengthy emails when replying to any questions people may have. As ironic as it sounds, my mousery is probably the most open mousery that is actually closed to public entry (for the safety of the mice).

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