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The Fun Mouse: About Us: How I name my mice

Most of the time I use Baby Names World to name my mice. This is a wonderful web site that provides great ways of finding the perfect name that will fit any mouse (animal, human, etc). I use the Advanced Search tool. There they allow you to search for boy names, girl names, both boy and girl names, names that contain something, start with something, end with something, a name that has only so many letters, a specific origin, choose if you only want very popular name, etc.
    My favorite and often used search tool of theirs is finding names that mean something. For instance my mouse Terrian was named by searching for the word "Strong" as he's very husky. It gave me several names to choose from and I picked Terrian, meaning Physically strong, ambitious. Then there's Astro, to give another example. He has a star on his head so I searched for names meaning star. Astro was one of the names listed and meaning Of the Stars.

If I plan to keep a lot of mice from a particular litter I often start with a theme. For instance, there was one time I had a litter with a himmi point in it. His mother's name is Avalanche and I thought it only fitting that I name him Yeti. In addition I kept several babies from that breeding along with another one that happened at the same time. For all of those babies I decided to use a mythical creature theme since that's what a Yeti is. To name a couple I ended up with, I named one of my blue agouti's Globster after a blue sea creature and I named another himmi point Pegasus for pointed horn-pointed mouse.

Sometimes my mice name themselves by exhibiting a character about themselves. I had a mouse named Yin who was named after the well known Yin Yang. He was a black and white mouse with a split face (black on one side, white on the other). I also have a mouse named Stubby who lost her tail due to an unfortunate incident with another mouse. There was also a mouse who had great black and white spots, nicely marked round spots. I named him Soccer after a soccer ball.

There are also times that I will name my mice because of their parents and how much they remind me of them. Take for instance the mouse named before, Stubby. She had a daughter that was her spitting image. I named her Stubletta. And of course Yeti that came from Avalanche talked about earlier

There are also times, few but still some, which I totally run out of ideas. In these instances I get far less creative. My first ever merle mouse is named Merle, I have a sable rex I named Sable, and so on.

I hope this helps those of you who find yourself at a loss for naming your loved pet. Happy naming!

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