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The Fun Mouse: About Us: Inside TFM

NOTE: We are NO longer breeding.

The Set up

The picture below is most of The Fun Mouse. In addition to what is here, there are often tanks of mice among the home so they can spend more time with us. Storage (bedding, food, etc) is mostly outside this room in various closets as there is no space. There is a basement full of additional tanks, anything from 10g to 40g tanks. TFM freezer (to freeze bedding, food, toys, etc before being exposed to the mice) is outside. TFM dishwasher (for cleaning mouse supplies separate) is in the kitchen (ironically, next to our dishwasher for our dishes... yes, we have 2 dishwashers in our kitchen, lol).

The following image is taken with a fisheye lens commonly used in real estate. It's 3 pictures pasted together so you can see 360*. You may notice some oddities in 3 spots. This is where the pictures were spliced together to make one large image covering the entire room.

Click on the image below for interaction (zoom in, pan around the room, investigate to your hearts content ;) ). Please be patient as it will take some time to load.
Any questions can be addressed to TFM using the Contact TFM link in the menu.

The Fun Mouse

All of my mice get a minimum of (yet often much more); house, wheel, water bottle, food dish, card board tube, wood block, and a cat toy. However, almost always get much more! The only time they do not is when something is back ordered. As you can see, there is a shelf in the mousery devoted to toy making supplies that offer a very wide variety of goodies! Another shelf is half full of fleece which go into making hammocks, pocket hammocks, among other hanging fleece toys like a tube covered in fleece and hung for climbing. The closet is also full of toys ranging from build able puzzle pieces to bird toys to tinker toys. It is our belief, backed up by longevity studies (many stemming from life span/stress studies), that environmental enrichment not only makes for a more fulfilling life but it also extends life span.

A closer look

Herein you will see clearer pictures of specific set ups among TFM ranging from play areas, nursery tanks, to average general care standard sized tanks.

Play Gym
The open air play gym is for my mice to play and explore for added activity and enrichment. It is used a lot when I am cleaning their tanks but they also play on it at random times between cleanings. Only mice from the same tank are allowed on the play gym at the same time. The mice are always *well* supervised when on the gym. I am NEVER more than 1 foot away, facing their direction. While my mice are extremely tame and do not feel the desire to jump, it is never wise to let ones guard down -no matter what-. You can see this pictured in the Panorama image (top of page) by the closet. Due to the age of this picture, it is slightly outdated. We have currently installed a second (smaller) play area under this one. This it to allow for more mice to have play time.
Picture taken on 08/09/08

We apologize for not having more pictures at the present time. We are working on compressing new ones for use here. Until then, feel free to check out our old set up located here. Note that we are always changing with the times (for instance, we no longer use Kritter Keepers). As more is available (such as saucer wheels) and as we all learn more as a community, things are updated. You will notice some significant differences between past and present, even though there is only (roughly) a year between pictures.

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