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NOTE: We are NO longer breeding.

An announcement from TFM:

After much consideration, TFM has decided to stop all breeding programs. I have very much enjoyed working on the breeding programs over the years and have been pleased with the progress made. Life, however, is taking a new direction. As our family grows and changes, new eras are born.

Although I have stopped breeding, I can not see myself without mice. After having them for over a decade, being without them would leave an empty place that can not be filled by anything other than mice. Therefore I have decided that as our colony decreases I will resume rescuing once again, as I have in the past. It will be a while before I am able to convert the site over to a pet mouse site/rescue. Until then, please disregard all 'mousery' references as we are no longer a mousery.

This site will remain, including all of the information on it. I am not going anywhere, I merely quit breeding. The Mousery Database will remain on our server for continued free use as we wish to continue to offer free tools for those that persist in improving mice as a whole (the mousery database will never go anywhere, no matter our ventures). The forum will also remain, as a safe haven for truly ethical and wonderful caregivers (you're all awesome :) ). I, however, will be taking a step back from this forum as well as all other lists (some of you may have noticed me missing for weeks already). I apologize for my distance, but there are many other capable individuals out there to help. My hope is that the good, truly ethical, and truly educated individuals out there will continue to be active and make a stand. Mouse-keeping has come a long way over the years and I look forward to the continued advancements.

I am also keeping all breeding supplies as I am not eliminating the possibility of breeding once again some day... years from now. While TFM is taking a step back and taking a new direction, we are not disappearing. We are taking a new direction which better suits both us and the mice. Mice don't need to be bred to be enjoyed :)

~March 2009

Please keep in mind that the following pages were written before TFM stopped breeding. Any breeding references should be disregarded.

What do you want to know?

Mouse Environment and Care

TFM is Semi-open to the public.

Breeding program

History of The Fun Mouse

Why Mice?

A glimpse inside the mousery!

How I name my mice.

How I take such wonderful pictures of my mice.

More to come!

Feel free to ask questions by contacting me via the Contact Me link in the TFM menu. My mousery is an open book!

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