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NOTE: We are NO longer breeding.

Mousery History
I started breeding mice back in early 1998. I guess it was the agility that a mouse possesses that first intrigued me about these little guys. I began with broken marked mice. Blacks were my favorite. I started off as most first time mouseries do. I got my first few from a local pet shop. This was a big mistake. They didn't live long (few months) and many died in labor , if they lived long enough to breed. This is when I decided that there has to be better mice out there and went on a quest. I ended up getting a buck from Chicago, a doe from southern WI, and a few from Minneapolis MN. This way I was sure to have all mice who were unrelated. In doing this for a few generations I ended up with mice that live around 3 years, a full year longer than other fancy mice. I was called crazy for traveling so far to get mice but the result was worth it! And that wasn't the end of the traveling I did for these little guys! I was the one that brought curly mice to WI. A friend and I flew out to the east coast to get them and drove 1,000 miles back home! If you are from the East coast (DC area) I can point you in the direction of great breeders! Recently I also made it to PA for Rodent Fest. I brought back many mice, including tri-color. I'm sure this will not be the end of traveling for me. I hope to make it to many more Rodent Fests to come!

As my mousery grew thru the years it demanded a name. I first named it "Dainty's Den" after a very special mouse I had that will always be remembered. The only piece of her I have left is in my heart as she couldn't have babies. As tribute to her, every baby born under my care is named "Dainty's...". For example: "Dainty's Stubletta" who is a wonderful female in my mousery. Later I named my mousery "Not Just a Mouse, Mousery". Too many times did I hear 'their just mice". Well, they are not just anything. God put each and every critter on earth for a reason. In late 2005 after a long trip over 1,000 miles away for some really special mice, my mousery exploded. New possibilities came to be after being just a dream for many years. With the explosion of mice I needed a web domain as the sub domain just wasn't cutting it any more. This is when my mousery changed its name from "Not Just a Mouse, Mousery" to "The Fun Mouse". The old name was too long to be remembered or typed without getting a hand cramp ;). "The Fun Mouse" seems fitting and will stick forever. Thru all the name changes one thing has remained constant; Miss Dainty's name is still part of every mouse birthed here.

Miss Dainty

Miss DaintyMiss Dainty

Miss Dainty

Miss Dainty

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